Preschool Updates · posted Aug 19, 05:00 PM

On the beach watching Daddy surf with his new board…and tossing around some sand.

Outside enjoying the fire and roasting some marshmallows. Brendin has the Grandpa Dave pose down!

Gearing up for a paddle boat right.

Do you think the paddleboat will fit through there? No, not really, but of course Jeremiah had to try it!

Davin, really prepared for a wipeout!

The Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey. This is the coolest slide I’ve ever been on!

Davin, ready for school! I had decided I was going to homeschool Davin for preschool this year because it’s about $500 a month out here. Luckily even though we were #31 on the wait list with only 40 spots available we were called last week and they said they had a 2 day slot open. Davin was soooo excited! He did great both days last week. He asked me on the way there if this was a school where the Moms and Dad’s left. I told him yes and he said “Okay!” Brendin on the other hand didn’t want to leave Davin there! We got into the car and I thought he was going to cry! He kept asking where Davin was and told me I needed to go back and get him. He got over it once we got home. The preschool is in our housing community so it’s only a few minutes away.

I volunteered to be class photographer on Thursday so I stayed the whole day. Brendin loved being able to play all day! Davin didn’t even talk to me but once. He came up and asked why I was taking so many pictures of him! I’m so happy he’s independent and outgoing.

Brendin in his big boy bed that was ready and waiting for him when we drove in from SD. He did great with it and didn’t ask where his crib was at all.

Davin posing and showing off his room

Chuck E Cheese time!

We planted a lawn and one day we woke up to this….it looked like a scene from Tremors! We aren’t exactly sure what it is that’s doing this but it’s ruining our lawn.

I noticed some animals outside the other night and saw a Mama raccoon watching out while her 4 babies drank all the nectar out of my hummingbird feeder! We fed them some bread and let Davin come out of his room so he could see them. Then the next night….

A SKUNK! Then a few nights later while we were outside he came walking on by, didn’t even care that we were outside. We ran in just in case one of the boys would spook him. I’m not sure where the turkeys are…we haven’t seen them in a while.

British Soccer Camp Autumn Visits Davin & Brendin