British Soccer Camp · posted Jul 26, 11:53 PM

Well we got our new camera, and it seems to be great! Much smaller than our last one, a lot cuter too!

Davin had a British Soccer Camp all this week. It was two hours a day Mon-Fri. He had a great time. He really liked his coach and loved the ball and shirt they gave him. He learned some new skills and lots of fun games. It should come in handy come soccer season which will be starting soon. I can’t believe how much he loves soccer. He was the smallest one out there but definitely the most determined and driven kid. There were a lot of mopers and kids messing around.

Racing to get the most soccer cones, Davin won!

Not sure what move this is but I’m sure it helps confuse the other team!

We put a tire swing up in the backyard. Even though the park is just one house away we have the perfect spot for a tire swing. There’s lots of leaves on the ground, it’s permanently fall under this tree, so the boys don’t get hurt getting on or off. We ended up switching branches because I saw three woodpeckers going in the branch we initially planned on using.

One of our woodpeckers.

Brendin dropped a can of food on his toe and lost half of his nail, poor guy! He keeps saying his toe or toenail is broken. Hopefully it heals and grows back soon.

Davin had me taking pictures of him playing hockey.

Working on the motorcycle.

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