Autumn Visits Davin & Brendin · posted Sep 16, 05:24 PM

Well August turned out to be a beautiful month and September is staying equally as nice. We should have lots of weekends at the beach to come. Davin has been doing great in preschool and Brendin talks about ‘pretty school’ all the time. They had a parents night out at the CDC where Davin goes to preschool. They watch kids one Saturday evening a month so parents can go to dinner and a movie or whatever they want. We told the boys it was a preschool party that they were invited to. They had a great time and both went to bed on little cots there! I have no idea how they get a ton of kids to sleep in a room with toys but they were all sleeping when we got there a little after 10:00. Brendin wants to go again really soon!

Our friends Ed & Sarah came to visit and brought their cute little girl Autumn, we had lots of fun and it was nice to see some familiar faces!

Davin started his games two Saturdays ago and he is doing great. He scored 2 goals in the first game (he’s going to score in the first picture) and even had an assist. One of his goals was with a ‘slidded kick’ (Davin’s term!) and was pretty sweet! His second game no goals but his team still won. He doesn’t know if they win or lose their games and doesn’t care, which is great! There is a kid on his team who looks way too much like him! It’s hard to tell them apart from far away.

Eating at the Forge in the Forest in Carmel.

I know Ed wants me to put this picture up… I guess I can do that for him.

Autumns first feel of the beach!

Jeremiah and Ed surfing…we thought we saw sharks…but it ended up being dolphins swimming really close to the shore. So the guys got to surf with dolphins and some sea lions.

Having lots of fun getting buried in the sand!

Pantless stick fighting in the yard.

This was a HUUUUUGE artichoke! We got two of them from Trader Joe’s and they weighed more than a pound each and were sooo good.

Playing out in the mud and sprinkler.

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is supposed to be the best in the US and we agree. It is huge, we only saw about half of it and will be going back soon. They have touch pools, a wave aquarium to simulate what it looks like when waves crash in the ocean, and cool information stands that have metal creatures you can touch; they light up and then give information.

Two fish….looking at two fish!

I walked in on Brendin sleeping with his face on the floor on some books! Didn’t look too comfortable.

Our turkeys came back for a visit and the cats were having a talk with the raccoons!

THe boys first helped wash Autumn and then decided they need to hop in!

Davin was so great with Autumn, he talked to her, made silly faces to get her to laugh, rubbed her back and gave her some of his old toys.

Haircut time! Davin helped cut Brendin’s hair and also was the photographer! Brendin wasn’t angry…but he was making angry faces for the camera!

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