Halloween is Approaching! · posted Oct 28, 03:26 PM

Davin had his first official school pictures at preschool and they took some of Brendin as well. He was not too amused with the lady’s “The cats gonna get your nose” routine so he wasn’t going to give up a smile!

Getting some exercise at the Dennis the Menace Park

We went to Carmel beach since it was really nice out yesterday. It was nice there; was no wind at all. The boys had a lot of fun and Jeremiah got some decent waves!

Ok Davin…smile

Too Much

Not Enough

Too Silly

There we go!

We took a drive to the Pumpkin Patch last night. Davin went on a field trip on Friday to a pumpkin patch but he wasn’t sure if this was the same place or not! They had some HUGE pumpkins as you can see in some of these pictures. The boys picked out some perfect pumpkins, we’ll have to see how they turn out!

Davin waiting on the sidelines with his ‘twin’ Charlie!

Grandpa Dave sent us a witch that looks like she ran into the door/wall. . Davin was trying on the hat. The boys love it when she talks, she says things like “That’s gonna leave a mark, can you help me?”

Davin taking pictures

There was a kid fair at the fairgrounds by our house. The best part is that it was free admission, free rides and free games! The boys had a ton of fun. At the end we got to see some fireman do some Jaws of Life work on a car and then a huge wrecking claw squish the car up like it was a tin can!

Ready for school!

We went to an open house at the CDC where Davin has preschool. Jeremiah got to see what Davin gets to do on an average day of school.

The boys’ new friend Anthony!

Autumn Visits Davin & Brendin FINALLY