Disneyland Pictures Finally! · posted Jan 9, 12:44 AM

Okay so now that we have power back (see my previous post if you didn’t get my email update) and I’m getting caught up on the house work and getting our fridge restocked here’s our long awaited Disney pictures from the end of November!

Hanging out in Huntington Beach the day before Disneyland. The boys had so much fun at this beach because it had little pools of water left from high tide so they didn’t have to get into the actual ocean to play in the water. We got to hang out with my sister Desiree and she got Davin this pirate book that he was in LOVE with at the book store! Thanks again Desiree, he still loves it!!

Pretending to be sleeping…

Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, I will never go here again! But it was worth a try!

Lego Land Store in Downtown Disney. Brendin in front of R2D2 and I think this was the first time he ever listened when I said ‘smile!’.

Big J in a stylish Goofy hat.


The boys thought Mr Tiki needed some help picking his nose…

Fast asleep waiting for the morning when all their Disney dreams would come true!

Ship Ride

Brendin warming his hands by Mickey’s Fire

Minnie’s House

The boys, and everyone else, thought these were just statues of Woody and Jessie…until they started moving! They weren’t giving out autographs but Davin went up and asked and Woody signed his book.

The 2nd Ride we went out…Buzz Lightyear! It was very cool. You had laser guns and got points for shooting targets and it actually kept you score for you. And we caught Zurg!

Davin’s 1st Roller Coaster! It was a little spooky for him…it was completely dark like you were flying through space but he still
thought it was cool.

Hanging out at Chip ‘n Dale’s tree house in Toon Town.

Pluto liked the boys, especially beacuse they had a Pluto shaped Pen!

The train that goes around Disney.

It’s a Small World…but it was not a small ride! It was probably about 10 minutes long and had tons of stuff to look at. I can’t believe how much work they put into these rides.

Davin’s long awaited Pirates of the Carib. ride!

Bredin’s first coaster, the Matterhorn

Time for some Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream sandwiches!

Oh Donald, where are you? !

Goofy was a hard one to track down!

This was Grandpa’s first time at Disneyland and this was the first
ride we all went on! I can’t believe it had been about 15 years since I was there last! We plan on going again this Spring. And maybe again this Summer! :o)

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