Decorating Our Tree · posted Dec 12, 11:47 PM

We have been busy! Jeremiah has been doing all kinds of stuff getting ready for a new job. His last day of Air Force active duty will be on January 30th but he’ll be on terminal leave for most of January so he won’t actually be working. We are going to list our house this week and hope that it sells fast. We are planning on moving back to SD for a few months to be close to family. Then we’ll be moving to CA. Jeremiah will have schooling there for becoming an airborne linguist in the Air National Guard. So this will be an extremely busy month (probably months) for us. We will be back for Christmas and will be staying until after New Years so that we can celebrate Wally’s Birthday party. Can’t wait to see everyone!
Business Davin on the phone with Uncle Ben

Brendin having fun at his second haircut

Davin next to the tree his Sunday School class decorated

We contacted the Hogle Zoo and they allowed the refugee family that we are mentoring to visit the Zoo for free. It was a little cold, especially for them and they were a little sad to not see the elephents, zebras, lions and other African animals that they were hoping to see. Hopefully they can go again in the Spring.

Brendin…disgruntled about something!

Merry Christmas!

Brendin decorating the tree

All dressed up and ready for Christmas

Oh no a tie!

Click for Brendin finding the wall and climbing out at his swimming lessons.

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