Turkey Day · posted Dec 1, 11:48 PM

Davin and Brendin playing and Davin’s baby, the glowworm!

At the Park on Turkey Day

Brendin’s first taste of real food…apples
Davin eating dinner and then eating his pint size pie. Then Daddy gave him a little pie in the face!

Dominoes and baseball with Grandpa

At Casa Bonita. The puppet show, cool light up fans and in the treat room
What’s wrong with a Pink Pony?

At the train station in Denver

Uncle Doug’s hummer was pretty cool!

Even though she just woke up we had to get some pictures of Great Grandma Rose Marie and the boys

Davin first feel of snow this year in Rawlins!

Helping me put up lights with his hammer

And a very cute video of Davin trying on some Christmas “Documents”!!
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Hawaii Pictures Christmas Time!