Vacation Photos from CA & Hawaii! · posted May 18, 01:32 AM

Finally, our pictures from Hawaii and California!
First time in a swimming pool!

After not getting on a flight we took a tour of the first Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA

One day we drove down to San Francisco & another day to Santa Cruz. The drives were beautiful. Here we are on Santa Cruz beach:

First time on the beach in Hawaii at the beautiful Hale Koa resort for military:

Davin eating caviar!

Playing on the beach on Kauai:

The Kilawea beach on Kauai:

Jade pushing Davin:

Family picture in front of the Murphy home in Kauai:

Davin, Doreen & Pierce:

Davin and Mommy by the Plumeria tree:

Davin eating (fresh!) pineapple for the 1st time!

The sunset on Waikiki Beach

On Waikiki Beach:

Davin and Daddy w/ a Hawaiin Rainbow!

Shoveling sand on Ke’e Beach!

Davin and Jade…it must be love!

At the Princeville hotel overlooking Hanalai Bay watching the sunset:

Cute Grin of the Month: On his toy that Grandma Deb got him:

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