April-Trip to ND-Zoo-Swimming · posted Apr 20, 03:40 PM

At the Discovery Park

Uh oh…MESS!

Pictures from our trip to Bismarck this month. We went to the Zoo, Space Aliens and visited family.

Yes, he learned how to milk a cow and Grandma taught him how to feed the animals.

Latest haircut…

At a park near our house…swinging and chasing ducks as well as being brave and looking into the stream from the bridge.

Jamming out to the Wiggles

Talking with the lemur at the Hogle Zoo

We pulled out the ballpit this week…he went crazy!

Sugar House Aquatic Center

What are you doing Davin?

Ahhh, using Mr. Potato Head’s skateboard!

Here’s a video of Davin counting, he’s learned 1, 2, 3 and 3, 2, 1.
Click Here 1, 2, 3!!!

I know, only one pic of big ‘ol me, but I am in a swimming suit! The checks-ups are going fine, we have one on Wednesday and then we’ll be going almost every week. My stomach already measures bigger than what it did June 1st of my last pregnancy! 59 days to go…

March Pictures