Davin's First Birthday · posted Jun 19, 02:35 PM

Opening an early gift with Grandma Olmsted

Gambling with Grandpa Bob

Having a talk with Grandma Deb

Davin’s ballpit from his cool parents!

Roberta and her cake

Davin started out really slow with his cake but eventually he dug right in!

Davin had 6 Grandmas at his birthday, here are the 4 Greats!

Opening gifts

Birthday Dinner-Spending time with Family

Jeff and Susan renewing vows

Davin and Rachel

Davin helping decorate

Playing the Newlywed game at Jeff and Susan’s 25th Anniversary

Baby Noah

Davin & Kaleb-best buddies

Swinging in the Deadwood Park

Happy Birthday Davin Happy 4th of July!!