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The Mollmans Fall 2008 Halloween and Turkey Day <p><center><br /> I can’t believe how behind I am on this site….well, actually I can with all that’s happened this past year but I’m trying to get all caught up!<br /> A snack in the bath…such a time saver!<br /> <img src=><br /> Driving to Denver to see Grandpa Dave.<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> A guy on the side of the road with a sign that said “Why Lie I Need a Beer”. We thought it was pretty funny.<br /> <img src=><br /> What’s Denver without a trip to Casa Bonita?<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Waiting to see Grandpa & keeping notes. <br /> <img src=><br /> Meeting Joy’s clone of a boy, Talon! He’s so cute. <br /> <img src=><br /> Love this picture of Brendin in my Grandma’s tree.<br /> <img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=><br /> Our finished bedroom, I actually painted the room pale pink to match the original light fixture. I love the old details in this house, including the orig. door knobs.<br /> <img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=><img src=><br /> Davin’s first day of Kindergarten at Kearns St Ann in SLC. He LOVES his ‘dress-up’ clothes. <br /> <img src=><br /> Tearing apart our kitchen. Finding some horribly ugly linoleum, crazy plumbing and lack of proper wiring. Oh, and crumbling mortar. But at least the subfloor was good enough for tile. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=><br /> This is to show how many layers of paint I took off of the built it phone nook. And right next to that we cut the doorway larger to put in an arch. We also put in two others and have one left to do. <br /> <img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=></p> <p><img src=><br /> Hallween 2008<br /> <img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=><br /> Opening cards from Grandma Deb, Davin was really sick and said “Oh wow, beautiful card, tell her thanks” and then went back to resting. <br /> <img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=><br /> A visit to Wheeler Farm for their Halloween festivities<br /> <img src=></p> <p><img src=></p> <p><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=><br /> Putting in the new cabinets, news sink and building a wine rack. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> First snow of the year. I love the picture windows we have that look onto our unique grass ‘street’ of a front yard.<br /> <img src=></p> <p><img src=></p> <p>Refinishing the fireplace, getting all the paint off of the tiles with the help of Davin<br /> <img src=><img src=><img src=><br /> Brendin demonstrating how his bug that he made pinches.<br /> <img src=><br /> Thanksgiving Day pajama football. Dinner and dessert.<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Driving Annie and Cordell downtown to see the Christmas tree at Temple Square.<br /> <img src=></p> Last Days in California-Trip to SLC-Move to TX-Move Back from TX <p><center>At the Artichoke restaurant in the Artichoke Capital of the World<br /> <img src=><br /> Thanks Aunt Tami for the good traveling toy!<br /> <img src=><br /> A wine rack and McDonald’s happy meal box make great a costume.<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Brendin eating a donut…rather cutely.<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Date Night, we drove down by Big Sur for dinner.<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> At the Monterey County Fair<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Congratulations to Jeremiah for doing very well at learning Mandarin and passing the proficiency test with flying colors. Here’s a picture of him at DLI Graduation and then dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Gilroy Gardens….one last time!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Enjoying some root beer floats<br /> <img src=><br /> Yay, the moving truck is here…this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!<br /> <img src=><br /> A bike tire actually kept Brendin entertained in the car for a long time.<br /> <img src=><br /> The boys got to take turns riding in the Penske truck.<br /> <img src=><br /> Davin’s school, we visited before we took off for Texas, thinking we would be back here in December. <br /> <img src=></p> <p>Once we dropped our stuff off in storage in SLC we were driving down to TX with the Rendezvous and a Uhaul trailer and here we are…like 4 miles out of Moab, without gas and very little cell phone service. So me and the boys decided to go for about a 1 mile hike and look at lizard, buzzy and large beetle tracks. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Brendin was excited to be on Route 66!<br /> <img src=><br /> Wahoo! We bought our house while on the road!<br /> <img src=><br /> A stop at Four Corners<br /> <img src=><br /> We found Mater! And the elusive Billy the Kid tombstone<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Volcano and Ice Caves<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Welcome to Texas!<br /> <img src=><br /> We found an apartment and got all moved in! The boys were in racing position before we opened the door. The cats were equally excited!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> But then when Jeremiah tried to go to class…they told him that he couldn’t go, they didn’t have confirmation of his security clearance. It actually was never started, despite Jeremiah started the paperwork for it 18 months ago. So….we had to break it to the boys that we had to leave this nice new apartment with a pool and move our stuff all the way back to Salt Lake City a pitiful 2 days after we arrived. We also had a major problem with our and arrived into San Angelo and the transmission went out. So we had to get a budget truck to haul our car back. <br /> <img src=><br /> We at least got to spend the last night with our friends. <br /> <img src=><br /> The boys were about as excited as I was when I found out moving trucks only seat three….oh the number of rules/laws we had to break to get back before Jeremiah got in trouble!<br /> <img src=><br /> The hotel suite made the boys feel a little bit better.<br /> <img src=><br /> And to add insult to injury the car dolly got a flat and we then realized how this tow tolly was not supposed to be towing a vehicle as heavy as ours. Whooops. <br /> <img src=><br /> They actually slept quite a bit, I don’t think I slept a wink. Davin was wearing my sunglasses so he could watch the movie better. <br /> <img src=><br /> We found a cool town, that was a lot like Deadwood/Lead and got some icecream and enjoyed the views. But the road that we had to drive on to get to Durango, was NOT fun in a big moving truck towing an extremely heavy car with switchbacks, S curves, 5 MPH turns, no guard rails….freaky!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Back in Salt Lake! Enjoying the sunset from our realtor/friends house who so kindly let us stay with her while we negotiated our already negotiated-to-close-months-away house and see if they’d be willing to close….tomorrow! We spent some time in one of our favorite parks in Salt Lake City. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> At Build-a-Bear making a friend for Grandpa Dave to have in the hospital. When you push the bears hand the boys recorded “I love you Grandpa (from Davin) I love you Grandpa (Brendin)”. It’s pretty cute! Then we were at the post office mailing it off. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Since we bought a house with a fenced yard and have wanted a good mannered family dog we started going to the animal shelter to walk dogs and came across a Black and Tan Coonhound that was very quiet, friendly, didn’t bark, didn’t shed and played well with the boys. We hadn’t moved into our house yet so we couldn’t bring her ‘home’. We were actually surprised we found a dog this soon, we anticipated maybe months of looking for the right dog for our family. After visiting her a handfull of times and one time of thinking that she was adopted my someone else we had to get her. She’s been great! We named her Roxy after trying to think of something for about a month!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=></p> Catching up on Photos!! <p><center>July/Aug 08 Pictures<br /> At Asilomar Beach<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> The Chinese Lantern Festival on the water<br /> <img src=><br /> Jellyfish at the Aquarium<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> At a park, spinning and getting misted to stay cool!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Playing some yard baseball<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Washing taters in undies!<br /> <img src=><br /> The Winchester Mansion was very cool!!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> At the doctor, Brendin cheering for NO shots!<br /> <img src=><br /> Wearing my heels<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Cannery Row area, playing miniature golf<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=></p> Reading &#38; Trip back home. [3] <p><center>This isn’t his best reading, Chicken Little was being watched by Brendin and Davin said “I just can’t stop watching, I want to see what happens next!” But I got him to perform just a little! He can sound out just about every 3 letter word you put in front of him. His only problem is if there’s a picture near the words, he just puts a sentence or a word he thinks would describe the picture instead of reading, ha.</p> <p>None the less, we are incredibly proud of him and can’t believe that the first day we did hooked on phonics with him he could sound out words as if he’s been practicing without telling us!</p> <p><a href="">Click for Davin Reading!!</a></p> <p>Pictures will be coming soon…I promise…:o)<br /> Ok, see I told you I’d get pictures up!<br /> The boys of course, loved the flight to Denver. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Time to drive to ND. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Brendin helping Don set up a lawn game.<br /> <img src=><br /> Floating around in the River. <br /> <img src=><br /> Uncle Shaky thought he would be faster than Davin…for best results take off cowboy boots!<br /> <img src=><br /> 4th of July pictures. Davin thought it was pretty sweet. Brendin wanted to hang out in the car since some people across the River were shooting off really loud ones. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Don took the boys fishing off the dock. First they threw down some crackers (which I think it was made Brendin mad, he thinks that’s wasting good crackers!) then put the hook in the water and waiting to catch a whopper. And as Don would say “Those SOB’s put up a fight!”.<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Thanks for the Birthday gifts Gma Deb and Gpa Don. <br /> <img src=><br /> Hanging out and playin Chess with Buster. Oh yes, he knows how to play Chess…he knocks all the pieces off the bed and then he wins. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Tally, the sweetest doggy!<br /> <img src=><br /> Three siblings (and one adoptee) trying to cause trouble!<br /> <img src=><br /> Makeing shishkebobs-Don was the photographer with one of those new fandangled digital cameras!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Davin wanted a big juicy steak, yes that is what he asked Grandpa for!<br /> <img src=><br /> The Dakota Zoo…also known as the wet mosquito zoo that day!<br /> <img src=><img src=></p> <p><img src=><img src=><br /> This guy thought Dede tasted good. <br /> <img src=><br /> Two Kings at the Elks. <br /> <img src=><br /> We had to go to Space Aliens twice while we were there. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Brendin was under the table while the huge alien visited our table…he was glad to see him leave. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Brendin’s Wall-E eyes. <br /> <img src=><br /> Time to do some bowling! Davin beat all of us….but I was in a close 2nd. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA DEB!!!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> The boys had to be like Grandpa Don and have a toothpick. We ate dinner at the Seven Seas for Mom’s birthday. Brendin fell asleep and Davin was super tired the whole time. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><img src=><br /> We got Grandma Deb a car with a cat, a card that farts and a DVD recorder…I think she liked them all!!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Mom, you can’t get any older, Dede just about lit something on fire this year. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> A stop at Grandma Roline’s house. <br /> <img src=><br /> Another stop in Lead to see Grandpa Dave, Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Susan.<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> A stop in the Land of Love to visit our great friend Annie who showed us around!<br /> <img src=><br /> White House Farm in Denver. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> And of course, what’s a trip to Denver without Casa Bonita?<img src="?" alt="" /><br /> Brendin was being the statue of liberty during the Puppet Show. Davin got to hit the Pinata and we got prime seats since it wasn’t busy so we got to see all of the shows and still keep our table. A little bit better than when we go on Turkey Day!<br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Hanging out with Grandma O, checking out her doll house, rock collection and playing with water balloons. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Time to fly back home and see Daddy!!!<br /> <img src=></p> <p>I know I still have older pictures to put up and hopefully I’ll get the up before we move but we are planning a DITY (do it yourself) move so I probably won’t have much time. But in less than 2 months we will be in San Angelo TX and at Christmas time we’ll be back in Salt Lake City. </p> Long Awaited Vacation Pics! [4] <p><center>I’ve finally had the time to sit down and get all of our vacation pictures up here. There is a LOT of them, and this is the condensed version!<br /> Before we left we threw a little surprise Birthday party for Jeremiah with our neighbors. He had an angel food cake and some creme brulee and a bonsai tree. <br /> <img src=><br /> One of the first things we did was drive through a Redwood in Legget CA. This was the Chandelier Tree. We barely squeezed through and had to fold our mirrors in. <br /> <img src=><br /> We checked out the fallen tree right next to the drive through tree. <br /> <img src=><img src=><img src=><br /> Elk viewing. We explained to Brendin that some people like to use Elk horns as trophies. So he then told Aunt Tami that we saw some Elk and they were selling trophies. <br /> <img src=><br /> The (very green) Smith River in the Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Welcome to the state with the lamest sign….<br /> <img src=><br /> There were lots of small shops selling wood gifts, this was a Burl wood art gallery and we found the Burly Gate and the boys found a Burly swing. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> We then drove to Salem, OR to stay with my Aunt Tami. She used to live in SLC so Davin was really excited to see her! She took us to the Eoli Winery for the best brunch in the WORLD for Jeremiah’s Birthday!<br /> <img src=><img src=><img src=><img src=><img src=><br /> The next day we headed North to Washington<br /> <img src=><br /> We crossed the border and bought some Starbucks since WA is where it started. Jeremiah’s XL cup of coffee cup sprung a leak in the bottom of the cup and spilled all over the car…and his pants.<br /> <img src=><br /> We took a detour on our way to Seattle and saw Mt St Helen’s and went to the base of Mt Rainier but couldn’t see it because it was so foggy/cloudy. But we did at least get to play in some snow. <br /> <img src=><img src=><img src=><img src=><img src=><img src=><br /> The Seattle skyline<br /> <img src=><br /> Downtown Seattle by a totem pole. <br /> <img src=><br /> Eating at a restaurant on the pier. <br /> <img src=><img src=><br /> Pike’s Market Hill Climb<br /> <img src=><br /> This is Rachel the Pig, seriously!<br /> <img src=><br /> Some guy catching a fish at that famous fish throwing market in Pike’s Market.<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Chinatown in the International District in Seattle<br /> <img src=><br /> The storm that we got to drive through..imagine that it rained in Seattle!<br /> <img src=><br /> The next day we headed North some more! And we made it through the border and into Canada. <br /> <img src=><br /> The Vancouver skyline, we didn’t really do much in Vancouver as Jeremiah was anxious to get to Whistler. <br /> <img src=><br /> The drive up to Whistler was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever seen.<br /> <img src=></p> <p><img src=></p> <p><img src=><br /> And here is Whistler!<br /> <img src=><br /> The boys slept the whole way from Vancouver to Whistler. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> The view from our hotel room, which was beautiful! Our room had a nice big flat panel TV, fireplace, kitchen & jacuzzi tub. We also went swimming in the outdoor heated pool which was the best pool ever!!<br /> <img src=><br /> Hmmmm….how did the gum get IN your hair Davin?<br /> <img src=><br /> Playing with some sweet Wikki Stix that the restaurant in the Whistler Village gave to the boys. <br /> <img src=><br /> At a Canadian Brewery in Whistler. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Playing in some Canadian snow<br /> <img src=><br /> The boys got a nice treat, some Gourmet Hot Chocolate!<br /> <img src=><br /> More wikki stix!<br /> <img src=><br /> The hot chocolate apparently put Brendin to sleep because he slept like this on the table for about 15 minutes. <br /> <img src=><br /> A really neat playground in the Whistler Village made of wood.<br /> <img src=><br /> The drive back to Vancouver…<br /> <img src=></p> <p><img src=></p> <p><img src=><br /> Vancouver Bridge<br /> <img src=><br /> We got lost and found a nice Welcome to Canada sign!<br /> <img src=><br /> At the border there was a neat little zen garden type place that we took some pictures in. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Welcome to America!<br /> <img src=><br /> Since it was cloudy the whole time we were in Seattle before we stopped at the Space Needle on our drive back. Boy was Davin glad we finally got to go. And we were glad that we FINALLY got to see Mt Rainier! It is BIG and beautiful. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> No time to stop, but there’s the Capitol in Olympia. <br /> <img src=><br /> We stayed the night on the river in Clatskanie on the border of WA & OR. <br /> <img src=><br /> Next stop Astoria. Which had roads JUST like lead. We went to the tower but they were repairing the stairs in it so we didn’t get to walk up. But the view was nice from on top of the hill. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> The bridge over to Washinton. We drove over it to get to a lighthouse on the SW tip of WA. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> And old Army base we found S of Astoria. <br /> <img src=><br /> So I didn’t really think I needed to head the barricaded road and I went around..I really wanted to see the shipwreck!<br /> <img src=><br /> Then Jeremiah told me that they put the barricades there for a reason….but we still made it!<br /> <img src=><br /> And there it is! Davin thought it was pretty sweet and said it must have been a pirate ship!<br /> <img src=><br /> Time for an ice cream break!<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> We drove all this way in anticipation of the Kloochy Giant, the largest Sitka Spruce tree, almost 200 years old and over 200ft tall….only to find that in December record breaking winds took old Kloochy down. It was hit by lightning 50 some years ago and weakened the tree and that is where the tree broke. There is about 70ft of it still standing. It was still a grand site to see!<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> The Cape Meares Lighthouse, the shortest lighthouse in OR.<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> The really pretty lenses of the Cape Meares LH.<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> We bought a seagull kite and flew it on the beach in Lincoln City, the seagulls are the dots in the picture!<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Jeremiah found a whoopie pie and was in heaven…until he realized he shouldn’t have ate it for breakfast!<br /> <img src=><br /> Yaquina Head Lighthouse<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> Yaquina Bay Lighthouse<br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> We found a glass blowing gallery and got to watch a guy make a glass float. The boys were captivated!<br /> <img src=><br /> Cape Blanco Lighthouse<br /> <img src=><br /> A waterfall in the Sea Lion caves<br /> <img src=><br /> The Sea Lion Caves were very cool. There were about 200 Sea Lions in the cave that day, we took an elevator a few hundred feet underground and got to watch the sea lions and they don’t even know you are there. <br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> <img src=><br /> The Umpqua Lighthouse<br /> <img src=><br /> A house…IN a tree. <br /> <img src=><br /> A monster truck we found.<br /> <img src=><br /> Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City, CA<br /> <img src=><br /> And back to good ‘ol California. The Golden Gate Bridge..Where we didn’t have $5 cash (which there are no signs that say you need this) you get a $25 violation in the mail on top of the $5 fee. Nice. <br /> <img src=></p>